Q: Where to download the Found app?

A: You can find it on the App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android)

Q: Is Found app free?

A: Yes! It's free to use, no annoying unrelated advertisements!

Q: How do I register my pet for the Microchip Searching feature

A: Simply create a new pet profile under your Profile tab -> My Pets and enter all the necessary details such as microchip number, species, and photo.
If your pet is microchipped, it will be automatically registered into the pet registry and eligible for Microchip Searching.
If your pet is not microchipped, then your pet won't be eligible for Microchip Searching.

Q: Is my pet details safe in your hands?

A: Pet details are not encrypted by default when you created your pet profile. You can enable encryption to protect your pet details.

Q: I forgot about my pet's encryption passcode can I reset it?

A: No, your passcode is not saved anywhere, and your pet details are encrypted.
There's no way to retrieve your pet details and passcode. Please email us at foundpetservices@gmail.com if this occurs.

Q: What to do when I find a lost pet?

A: The first thing you should do is to look around the area, the owner might be nearby!
Next, you can check if the pet is microchipped and download the Found app.
If the pet is microchipped, use the Microchip Search feature to notify the owner with your phone number, only if the pet is registered in the registry.
If the pet is not microchipped or not registered in the registry, you can search on our lost and found section.
Alternatively, you can submit a found poster on the Found app and broadcast it within the area, notifying the people around you if that is their pet.
Increasing the chance of finding the rightful owner.

Q: What to do if I lost my pet?

A: The Found app is designed to reduce the time spent finding your pet.
If your pet is microchipped and registered in our registry, the finder can use the Microchip Search feature and notify you with their contact number.
If your pet is microchipped but not registered in our registry, you can still register your pet by creating a pet profile for your pet.
If your pet is not microchipped, you can submit a poster and broadcast it within the area. This will allow people around you to keep a lookout for you.
Increasing the chance of finding your pet.

Q: If I have a pet but it's not microchipped, should I microchip it?

A: Yes definitely, Microchip is the solid proof of pet ownership, reduce all the unnecessary hoo-ha. The added benefit is you get to fully utilize the Found app.

Found is a mobile application designed to help lost and found pets in Singapore.
Every day one or more pet is lost. More often than not, finding a lost pet causes more unnecessary trouble to the finder.
Found aims to reduce the amount of time spent on locating the pet's rightful owner as well as providing other pet services.

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